DJ ROBBY ROB Constantine has the best DJ and Karaoke shows in Atlanta. With over twenty years experience in the industry. He has worked in both Atlanta and Savannah and along with his fellow hand selected DJ’s is known to have the best show out there. The show that Constantine Entertainment does is different from your average Karaoke show that seems to go from one singer to the next without much in between. With Constantine Entertainment we guarantee a show the entire time we are being paid by our clients to entertain their audience. We only hire Karaoke hosts that can sing as well and we guarantee a show. Not just random announcements and pressing buttons! With popular dance hits of today and classic retro fan favorites in between our singers. We will always liven up the room with our personality fused talk and interaction with the audience all night long. It’s guaranteed by audience approval to be the best Karaoke show you’ve ever seen! With DJ’s available every day of the week BOOK NOW and change up the nightlife in your bar for the better!  With Constantine Entertainment Karaoke your clients will have digital access to our entire database. At every show a laptop is set up for the audience to sign up to sing. NO MORE SLIPS AND PENCILS! NO MORE BEER SOAKED BOOKS WITH MISSING PAGES! All of our songs are available for viewing With over 72,000 selections in our automated Karaoke Kiosk your clients can look up and sign up to sing anything and everything under the sun! If it’s in print and we don’t have it our DJ’s will download on the spot anything we don’t have and the client wants to sing. Yes we have new songs and we buy new ones and are constantly updating to make sure we keep with the latest trends in popular music! We play songs that people can be excited about and we get the crowd moving with dance selections in between the singers. We are versed in all that is popular and know what the people want. So we give it to ‘em! Whatever the room moves the most to is what we play. From suggestions to highly experienced professionals we read the room to figure out if we need R&B or Country and then maybe a little of both. Our job is to try and please everyone so we play a little of everything to include a widely mixed or tightly knit audience;Dance Lighting. We come with the music, and all the Karaoke! We also come with all the dance lighting your bar will need to turn your Karaoke night into a song filled booty shaking good time for everyone! Book Today we have karaoke DJ’s ready to play your bar! With weekly rates we are bound to have the show and the DJ that will be absolutely perfect for all your particular bar’s needs. Pricing ranges depending on what exactly you need from us. Give us a call today and discuss with Constantine Entertainment exactly what you are looking for. We have competitive rates and we are easy to work with. Call and book a Karaoke show today!